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The course gave me a systematic overview about building one’s own graphic abstract. It let me to take a step back and look at the figures in a different way and also get to know why the logic flow of graphic abstracts are often organized in certain structures.

One may need good drawing skills to make an amazing graphic abstract. But with so many general practical guidances and tips in this course (i.e. certain color combinations are definitely a no go), regardless of drawing skills and earlier experience with designing softwares, one can easily starts making one and in the end make a good graphic abstract.

The Graphical Abstracts workshop points out to universal truths on how to visualize the content of your work and effectively convey it to others. A highly important skill in Science Communication.

I learned both theoretical principles on what and how to visualize in my abstract, as well as practical software design skills. Dr. Berger’s methods include clear objectives, structured presentations, interactivity, and feedback. The earlier you attend the Graphical Abstracts workshop in your scientific career, the better!

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