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Welcome: Great to have you here!

My name is Susanne Berger. Here, at the Science Communication Atelier, I think about how to explain scientific ideas and projects with visuals. I conceptualize and draw graphical abstracts. In my workshops I explain others how to do that.

Science Communication Atelier

A Graphical Abstract

is a visual summary of a project, a model, an idea.


is the starting material – be it a grant proposal, a paper or a keynote lecture.

A message

is to be transferred. That’s the goal. The design is secondary to that, being clearly structured and simple.

The design

is clear, intuitive and self-explanatory. A well chosen design supports comprehension.

Graphical Abstract

What is it?

What is it?

An infographic? A strategic visualisation? A definition.

For whom and what for?

For whom and what for?

For whom and on which occasions a graphical abstract can be helpful.

Why? That's why!

Why? That's why!

5 good reasons for good graphical abstracts.

You need a graphical abstract? You have complex contents? You want a perfect result?


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